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We understand the nature of the relationship between contractor and property manager, we also understand the need for both parties to operate not just safely, but as efficiently as possible.


Forsite has been developed in consultation with leading national contracting firms and property owners, because we know in order for any system to work it has to have buy in from the people who use it. Below are just some of the factors that are winning the favour of property owners and contractors alike.


Live Escalation

Instant alerts have been programmed for when a contractor does not sign in, does not have a current induction, fail to extend time, and when a new hazard has been reported.

Easy Integration

If you've already got systems in place for inductions, there's no need to reinvent the wheel - Forsite can easily integrate, for example through uploading inductions.

Register Me

Contractors can self register to their Company through the Forsite App, and add a photo.  This allows portal users to put a face to the name of the Contractor on site.

Seamless on-site safety

A smartphone app, paired with sensor technology that automatically detects authorised contractors arriving on-site, allows check in and provides up to date hazard data about the site and job they’re undertaking. 

Online management portal

Building owners and contractor head offices have live data about who is on-site and why, as-well as the ability to send alerts, job and hazard alerts.

Manage inductions

Customised digital site specific inductions.  When enabled users must complete and digitally sign a one off site specific induction.  Users can view their inductions and expiry dates through the Forsite app at any time.  When a contractor arrives on site without a current induction get instant alerts.

New Features 2018

Paperless Inductions - LIVE

Automate the burden of paperwork with our customised digital induction forms. Users registered to your Sites can pre-induct themselves and view their inductions through the app or our portal at anytime.

Register Me - LIVE

Contractors can register themselves via the Forsite App

Evacuations Alerts - LIVE

Keep workers safe by triggering emergency evacuation through the Forsite app.

Configuration Settings - LIVE

Check your app configuration settings at the touch of a button. 

Permit Viewing - Q1 2019

View and complete all Permits via the Forsite App.

Task Automation - Coming

We are partnering with a UK based property software solution to provide an enhanced solution and workflow. Watch this space for more information


Safety centres around planning and all parties having the right information. Forsite ensures only inducted contractors are authorised to be on-site, provides them with the information they require to safely carry out their job on your site, and provides you with live information regarding their whereabouts and safety. 



  • Site induction

  • Site hazards identified

  • Health & safety plan



  • Site specific contractor sensor

  • Live monitoring

  • New hazards alert

  • Failure to extend time

  • Incident reporting*


* Feature available Q3 2018


  • Eliminate manual paperwork

  • Time, activity and incident reports*


Forsite works in a few simple steps to ensure that your contractors are safe on-site. All features are now available for users. 

I know that Forsite is currently saving my team at least five minutes per site visit whilst reducing my risk and keeping my team safer. Each one of my team can visit up to six sites per day. With a team of 5 that means we could save 15 hours per week.
— Grant Sewell, GNS Electrical