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For expansive agribusinesses such as growers, large livestock farming operations and forestry, efficient and reliable H&S solutions for contractors are critical. 


We understand the nature of agribusiness, large sites, multiple access points, no centralised arrival point, high risk tasks, numerous hazards and often contractors working in remote areas on their own.

Forsite's unique combination of hardware sensors and a smart-phone's GPS/satellite, arguably make it the most reliable and accurate contractor health & safety app on the market.

For remote locations in particular, such as rural areas where GPS can be unreliable, contractors will still be picked up on site and data regarding their visit will be uploaded as soon as they are back in range. 

How it works

When contractors arrive on site they are “seen automatically” and prompted to check-in. Conversely, when a contractor leaves the site range our "walk away" feature automatically checks them out.

Unlike other solutions, if a contractor fails to respond to Forsite's check in prompts, Forsite will send you an alert (unless the site is out of GPS and cellular range).

This ensure's all contractors are accounted for on-site, regardless of them manually checking in. Forsite also acknowledges hazards for your property and the task ahead, resulting in clear transparency for all users.

Using Forsite for your agribusiness will enable you to: 

  • Have real-time visibility of contractors and their health & safety practices on-site

  • Be able to identify and address non-compliance immediately

  • Reduce contractor health and safety incidents and risks on-sites

  • Demonstrate corporate responsibility and achieve greater health and safety compliance

  • Dramatically reduce the paperwork and human resource required to administer contractor's on site


System Overview

Activity FeedV2.png

Website Portal

On our site portal Forsite has a live activity feed for admin, manager, and main contractors. We have intuitive 'at a glimpse' yellow, green and red indicators that represent individuals that are currently on site. Also included in our indicators are inductions that have not been fulfilled or have not been inducted.

Forsite also allows for customisable push notifications to your mobile device to let you know when contractors have arrived and are currently on site. Other notifications include users checking in and out, users that have arrived but have not checked in, and a range of other notifications.

Forsite provides push notifications to your mobile device if there are any issues or hazards that need mentioned.

Notifications are automatic for:

  • Failing to acknowledge hazards (on site but not checked in)
  • Failure to respond when estimated time on site expires
  • Inductions or CAV or GRASP audits – are not current for access

Note* Please be aware the first line of escalation is to the contractors boss, then to your site manager a few minutes later to ensure the responsibility and workload is shared more appropriately.

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Smart phone App

Our smartphone app provides contractors with a simple step by step process based on H&S best practice. Unlike many other H&S solutions, Forsite will automatically prompt a contractor to check-in on-site, meaning that if they don't check-in, or if their induction is expired, we can escalate the non-compliance. 

  • Access is automated for any contractor or staff member, and time on site is transparent to providers and managers.
  • The first escalation (no acknowledgement of hazards on arrival), is to their employer, followed by the site manager. Here they can then delegate responsibility and workload appropriately.
  • Our app ensures every contractor is compliant automatically and all the time thereafter. We can also automate inductions for greater convenience to contractors.
  • Forsite has reminders to contractors for expiry dates. Forsite helps remove the need for paperwork required like inductions, insurances, permits and updates.
  • Access to your property becomes automatically compliant when contractors arrive on-site for the first time, and thereafter (with live visibility whilst they are on task). 
View Site Hazard Reg Screen.PNG

When approaching a new site all Hazards are input into the Forsite app and can be accounted for. Transparency at your work site should allow for greater safety.


When contractors arrive on site, they can input estimated time that they believe they will be onsite for. We can reference this with actual time on site to justify contractor time spent on site.


With location settings, Forsite can establish where you are in real time, and lets you know when you are approaching a new site. 

site Sensor

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Forsite sensors will be installed on rural sites at key entry points, facilities and hazardous locations on the property.

  • Yellow circles denote GPS geo-fences that are set up around the Forsite entry sensors (and also the whole property) 
  • Geo Fences are interrogated by the Forsite sensors when they spot a contractor. This allows for greater accuracy when entering and exiting sites, more so than GPS. more
    This ensures check in and Hazard acknowledgement by contractors is no longer “Optional”, as it will be seen
  • Green dots denote contractors working on site in real time
  • Red dots denote sensors on site
  • An entrance sensor can scan from 5m-140m wide and will pick up contractors if they are entering on site from any angle. Additional sensors can also give you notifications of arrival and departure from sensitive or secure areas on site

The important feature we found for the health and Safety of our contractors is the Check-In and Check out in real time. Receiving notifications when contractors arrive and leave our sites provides greater health and safety to our contractors that we were not able to access previously.
— Grant Sewell, GNS Electrical