Forsite - Case Study

Through significantly improved efficiencies, Forsite not only pays for itself, it reduces operating expenses.

To illustrate we’ve developed a case study surrounding a property Forsite has installed in for Property Managers Group.

5 Short Street, Newmarket - 6 story building, features 3 x sensors and 20 x tenants Forsite delivers significant efficiencies in facilities management: 


Forsite delivers significant efficiencies in contractor expenses and/or productivity:

Across PMG’s portfolio most of our regular contractors are on programmed maintenance contractors, therefore their savings of 15 minutes per visit goes towards contractors being able to achieve greater productivity in their day.  

However, up to 3rd of our contractor visits are reactive, such visits are billed on a time incurred basis. If we applied the above formula to 1/3rd of our contractor visits for 5 short Street, we can work out approximate savings per annum on contractor fees: 


The above examples don’t even include the time your facilities or property manager is spending checking up on contractors at remote unmanned sites or manually monitoring and reminding contractors about induction renewals – all of which is done automatically through Forsite.