Simon's Five Tips for Surviving and Thriving this Holiday Season

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How to enjoy as a property manager during the Christmas period. 

As I head into the Christmas season and holidays as a proud and sometimes short tempered dad or three children I have been thinking about how to survive, no better still thrive over the Christmas holiday. This year the holiday break means spending a couple of weeks with my mother in law, who like myself is not always the most even tempered person….. 

As the backup member of a property management team I shall be very much remote managing property over Christmas. With that context in mind I have spent a bit of time to think about my tips and tricks to thrive through the holiday season. Here are my five nuggets, I do hope that you enjoy them, they put a smile on your dial and register in your mind for at least a moment to contemplate. 

My five nuggets: 

1) New Experience - Take this time to have one new experience with the people that matter most to you. In my case I intend and hopefully can report that I did make sure we all had at least one memorable new experience that will be talked about for time to come. 

2) Moderation – practice this in some shape or form over the holiday, even if it is just to moderate your expectations of yourself! 

3) Time – Ensure you get some time for you, just to do as you please, be it contemplating your navel. For me I will be taking time to watch some Cricket! 

4) Read – Yes, I know this is about as novel and new as time itself! But I find that reading a good old book or two at this time of year, really helps to quiet the mind, invigorate the spirit and renew the enthusiasm for the new year’s next set of adventures! 

5) Make a few important goals. As a disciple of the school of list and goals, one thing I have finally learnt is the objective of goals is not to make as many as possible, but to make as few as possible! Work on the important stuff and let some of the small stuff go, so I will spend a bit of time, (probably too much) to try and make a list of 3 or 4 important goals for 2018! 

Hopefully you have felt these nuggets are of use? 

From all of us at the Forsite team, thank you for your support, time, feedback and voice in 2017. From all of here at the Forsite team we look forward to working with you in 2018 and hope you have had a wonderful time with your friends and families during the festive season!