Development Update

Forsite Tech Update - Preparing for Evacuation

Earthquakes, floods, fires, bomb threats … New Zealanders have experienced some extreme, life threatening situations over the years, both in city and rural areas. In all these events, buildings are directly under threat – which means so are the people inside them.

Whatever the circumstances, property managers should be prepared for the eventuality of one day having to evacuate their people from a threatened building. While we hope that such an event will never happen, it’s still important to have every available tool at your fingertips to be able to contact your people if such a situation ever arises.

So, as noted in last month’s update, Forsite has now established a new ‘EVACUATION’ feature in Forsite’s property management software toolbox, which recently went live…

Forsite – Tech Updates (3rd Quarter)

It’s been another busy quarter for Forsite’s development team. As we shared in the last update, we’ve had our foot on the accelerator for most of the year and released several key new features that have expanded the Forsite toolbox and improved its usability for our ever-growing user base.

Of course, just like a car, you sometimes need to take it in for a service and tune-up to ensure everything keeps running smoothly. This has been the team’s focus for the last quarter – listening to your feedback and doing some robust testing to ensure stability and consistent delivery of services.