Health & Safety Expert

Staying ahead of the Health and Safety curve: An interview with Sean McBride of Salus Workplace Safety

Health and Safety matters are at the heart of Forsite’s reason for being. As we state upfront on our website, Forsite exists to enable “contractor health and safety management for people responsible for property.”

With laws and guidelines around health and safety matters always evolving, it’s important that we stay ahead of the curve to ensure that our software is always current and satisfying the demands of the law and global best practice.

To do this, we utilise the services of a company called Salus, run by director Sean McBride. Sean will be familiar to you because he is listed and pictured on the Forsite website staff page as our Health & Safety Consultant.

We spoke with Sean recently about the work he’s been doing and sought his view on the top three things property managers should always keep in mind when it comes to health and safety.