Simon Yock
Director, Co-Founder & CEO     

Simon is highly curious about how technology is changing our world, readily acknowledges it does not always improve our lives, but completely accepts we must be open to change and identifying how we can leverage technology for our benefit.

Simon's professional background is predominately in property and technology, having worked both in New Zealand and abroad with ownership and investment in both property and technology companies and assets.

Scott McKenzie
Director, Co-Founder

Scott is a key member of the Forsite team with a focus on the needs of property owners. As the Chief Executive Officer & Director at Property Managers Group, Scott has extensive experience in the property sector in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Scott works with property owners daily and knows the concern the new Health and Safety changes have caused them. He is passionate about Forsite and is confident that it will be the solution his clients have been looking for.  


Sarah Yock
Head of Product Development

With a background as a Business Analyst working in Corporate Finance and IT integration projects, Sarah had the perfect set of skills to be a leader in the development of Forsite. Her knowledge and experience have been influential in shaping Forsite and developing the app to the stage it is in now. 

As Product Manager, Sarah is driving the direction of Forsite. She works closely with our team of developers to ensure our app is working functionally and intuitively.


                           Antonia Rogers
               Relationship Manager, New Zealand Region

Having worked in NZ, UK & US Antonia has a wealth of international experience and built an extensive network over many years. Seven years in the new home construction industry in NZ and a further 17 years in London & New York working within the financial services industry before returning home to NZ with her family in early 2015.  

Antonia has worked in multiple roles, with a key focus on customer service, project & relationship management.  Antonia has a passion for helping people achieve their objectives, understanding what her clients need and building lasting relationships based on honesty.


Jennifer Handel
Customer Services & Training Manager

Jennifer is responsible for on boarding new customers, supporting existing users and gathering user feedback for product enhancement. With extensive experience in European style training and supporting customers using new software, Jennifer is definitely a key asset to Forsite. 

With almost ten years experience in the medical industry using and training customers on software, Jennifer adds to the capability and skills of the wider Forsite team.


                      Philip Tushingham
               Chief Executive Officer, United Kingdom

Philip has 30+ years of commercial property dealings in UK, and is now leading the drive to roll out Forsite across UK. 

His knowledge of owners, occupiers, managers and construction companies in UK, and his understanding of the product, is perfect for the expansion of Forsite beyond New Zealand.

sean mcbride.jpg

Sean McBride
Health & Safety Consultant

Sean McBride is an experienced professional, certified management consultant and specialist in occupational health and safety with specific experience in risk assessment and risk management, audit, training, investigation and change management.

 Sean is passionate about balancing the needs of business, and the health and safety of employees for long term success and sustainability

Sarah Head Shot.png

Sarah Ramsay
Marketing Director

With experience in the fields of Marketing and Communications, Sarah has a desire, fuelled with a passion to understand the inner workings of any business. Sarah has become an integral part of the Forsite team. Her knowledge of how to market products has been essential in bringing Forsite to the marketplace.

With well over ten years experience in the marketing industry, Sarah will continue to add value to Forsite, as we showcase the product to new businesses and prospective clients across Australia and New Zealand.


We’ve also have hidden behind the scene keeping the engines running, a great team of Developers, they won’t let us take their photos, so we improvised by using people who could kinda look like them instead….

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Through significantly improved efficiencies, Forsite not only pays for itself, it reduces operating expenses and creates significant contractor management time savings.
— Scott McKenzie, CEO Property Managers Group and Co-Founder Forsite